About SNH Mumtaz Public School (for Class IX)

  1. Admission Criteria in Class IX: SNH Mumtaz Public School aims to train its students for particular 4 sectors A. Medical (NEET) B. JEE C. Civil Services D. NDA (National Defence Academy) from Class IX.

  2. Above mentioned fields are highly competitive and demands high level of brilliancy and hard work with proper smartness. So, we will select only the brilliant most students for admission at SNH Mumtaz Public School. To succeed in the above-mentioned fields high dedication of students as well as of their parents is required. So generally, we offer admission test form for only to those students who has at list 80% marks in Class VIII. Students as well as the guardians will have to go through a complex process of admission test, interviews, personal ability test, sincerity test etc.

  3. SNH Mumtaz Public School is completely residential school, but there are far differences from the traditional concept of residential boarding missionary school such as A. We do not build up a class room and hostel culture rather we create a homely atmosphere where the students are treated and reared as our own children. B. We try our best to provide to the students a balanced system of hard discipline and flexibility. C. We influence the students to go through all religious scriptures and cultures as well as to master in modern science and technology.

  4. The Board of Trustees and The Board of Directors act as their parents and the teachers act as their friend, philosopher and guide.

  5. SNH Mumtaz Public School is a collaborative initiative by veteran educationists who already runs more than 300 other Schools and Colleges including Medical Colleges, Engineering Colleges, Pharmacy Colleges, Law Colleges, Management Colleges, Information Science Colleges, Polytechnics Colleges across India from Kashmir to Kerala specially in Karnataka and West Bengal. The aim to launch SNH Mumtaz Public School is verily specific to create jewels and stars in the field of Medicine, Technology, Bureaucracy and Defence in our Country who will glorify our nation in international context.

  6. SNH Mumtaz Public School is chaired by Sk Nurul Haque (IAS retd.), The Chairman of GD Monitoring Committee which runs more than 50 residential Schools in West Bengal. This institution is vice chaired by Mr. Umar Ismail Khan (Chairman, Al Ameen Educational Society, Bangalore) who runs more than 250 colleges and institutions across India. These institutions specially the direction and management team are guided by its joint secretary Amirul Islam (Veteran Educationist), Mr. M Z Ali (EC Member, Al Ameen Educational Society, Bangalore), a Veteran Politician, Trade Union Leader and Educationist.

  7. SNH Mumtaz Public School is directed by its secretary Injamul Hoque Middya and his highly dedicated professional team. Members of the team are as follows: Md Imran Hossain Molla (NEET Biology Expert), Inamul Sheikh (NEET, JEE Physics Expert), Dr. Samim Iqbal (NEET Biology Expert), Md Nurul Hassan Molla (NEET Biology Expert), Md Golam Ambia (Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Accountancy & Management Expert) , Iraz Ali Khan (NEET Biology Expert), Dr. Wasim Rahaman (General Physician and management Expert), Sk Masud Alam (Civil Service Exam Expert), Dr. Abdul Hadi (Surgen and Management Expert), Dr. Rakesh Hossain Molla (Edupreneur), Dr. Bilal Ahmed (General Physician and Edulover), Mr. Asif Azad (Junior Scientist and Civil Service Expert), Md Sorif Ali (NEET, JEE Chemistry Expert), Aslam Ali Middya (Management Trainee).